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    Swim longer while saving on fuel cost!

    As summer draws to a close, we pool-owners tend to roll out the
    pool cover and run through our pool winterizing checklist. We leave
    our pools to hibernate and, often, it's the best excuse to abandon
    that fine morning work-out.

    For most of us, especially given the rising energy prices, it is
    unthinkable to keep our exercise regimen, our family-and-friends
    pool gatherings and relaxing therapeutic aquatic sessions going at
    the expense of higher pool heating bills.

    Think again. You can still enjoy your pool. Better yet, you can do
    that by heating your pool in an environmentally conscious manner
    – adding zero additional costs to your monthly utility bills.

    Enter Solar Pool Heating – providing you and your family with a
    cost-effective way to keep your pool warm and inviting. Contrary
    to common belief, there is enough solar energy, even in the cold
    Northeast, to warm your pool to summer levels.

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    September Product Feature - VORTEX Solar Pool Heaters
Doubles your active pool season
from 3-8 months in the north and
up to 12 months in the south
Temperature rise up to 15-20º
Zero monthly operating costs
No pollution, no fuel needed

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    Solar Direct’s brand choice for all-season pool heating, the Vortex
    Pool Heater offers the industry’s most reliable, easy to install
    option for extending your swimming season. Using solar, you and
    your family can stay in the swim while living a “green” lifestyle.
    In fact over 50% of our pool-owner customers easily install the
    system themselves – in as little as 6-12 hours you can enjoy many
    more months of swimming, improving your home and your lifestyle
    quality at no additional monthly utility cost…

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    Still not convinced? Read what our happy customers, from climates
    as north as Minnesota and Massachusetts have to say about the
    merits of solar pool heating. And check-out our handy map for your
    state, to see how much longer you can stay in the swim. See if your
    state qualifies you for solar rebates for substantial savings!

EcoSaver above-ground solar pool heater
Heat Pump Pool Heater
Gas Pool Heaters
Above-ground Solar
Pool Heaters

Ideal for Smaller
Sized Pools
Best environmental
solution–no pollution
No cost of operation
– no fuel consumption

Heat Pump
Pool Heaters

Operates down to
47 degrees outside
Supports higher
temperatures for
aqua therapy
Low monthly cost
of operation
Pool Heaters

Low up front cost
Supports higher
temperatures for
aqua therapy–with
faster heat-up time
Highest monthly cost
of operation

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