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Solar Pool Heaters Customer Installations and Testimonials

Small sample of some of our customer installed systems & their comments.

Installations ___________________________________
rack installation Rack Installation

"Here it is. My house is in the background. It works great. Pool hit 92 degrees last week! I do need a solar blanket... as it cools off at night. Maybe I will use the new liquid blanket."

Paul Adler,
roof installation Roof Installation

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I finished installing my kit. It took me 6 hours to install all 9 panels and the rooftop plumbing. It took another 4 hours to dig and install the plumbing to the pump. The kit was very easy to install and very straight forward."

Mike Rawson
rack installation Rack Installation

"I used the pump for the water fall and it works great. Temperature rose nicely from morning to late afternoon! We are very happy with the system."

Clay Alexander
rack installation Close-up look of the above rack installation
ground installation Ground Mount Installation

Thank you for the professional manner which your company has displayed in promptly delivering us a solar pool heater. It works GREAT!"

Bill Fritz
shingle roof installation Roof Installation

"Installation was completed in short order and we are happily enjoying a very warm pool. It took 2 old men 2 days to complete the roof installation and another day to complete the plumbing. The pool stays at almost a constant temp. I am very pleased with the product and it is the envy of the neighborhood."

Richard Valentine - Florida

roof installation Roof Installation

Ray Mulligan
roof installation Roof Installation

"My husband installed the system over Memorial Day week-end. We had a couple of questions while we were putting the system but you made yourself available for the technical support we needed to complete the job and it was very much appreciated.

It was a definite pleasant experience to deal with Solar Direct. Your follow-up with us was excellent, all questions answered knowledgeably and professionally, all phone calls promptly returned. I would highly recommend your company. We are enjoying the pool with average temp. of 90-93 degrees"

Nadine Babski - Florida
roof installation Roof Installation

Dean Andes - Florida

Customer Letters

Minnesota - June 2005

I wanted to give the system a few weeks of running before I sent this to you.

I could not be any happier than I am with the solar kit. Once we finally started getting some sun, the pool got up to temperature fairly quickly. I have even determined that above 86° is too warm for us, even up here in Minnesota. I really was leery about doing this myself, but thanks to you and your team, and the great support, it is functioning just like you said it would. Because we tend to want to start up the pool and get it to swimming temperature immediately, I believe my solar system will pay for itself completely in two seasons. Too bad there isn't solar electric to power my pumps!

If you ever have anyone close to me who's thinking of installing one of your kits, I would love to show off the system!

Thanks again for all your help,
Jim Powell

Kentucky - January 2005

Thank you very much for your reply to my pump problem. I might well have a suction leak and will investigate it. I also want to tell you that we love our Vortex panels. I didn't spend a dime on energy to heat my indoor pool this past season. Thanks again for your help.

John Brinkerhoff

California - April 2005

The missing parts have arrived in fact they would have been here on the 5th but fedex shrewd up. I picked it up at there local office today 4/11/05 thanks for the great service. Just a foot note I got the panel up this weekend and did a test to see well they work the weather was partly cloudy and the outside temp was 71 the incoming water from the panels was 96. You guys are top-shelf I'm very impressed with the service and your product.

David Wrenne

New York -
June 2001

I never write letters like this but wanted to tell you how great your product is. I live in the Northeast and had reservations on how well a solar pool heating system would work. I am more then satisfied with the kit I bought from your company. My 20 x 40 pool was opened at 66 degrees and in about a week I had it up to 78 degrees. In less than two weeks I had the pool in the 80's. This was in the beginning of the season when the sun and air temperatures were still mild.

The greatest thing about the solar panels is that they have extended our season by two extra months. The pool is no longer cold and we are even swimming at night because of the warmer temperatures. Our friends are envious because they bought propane and electrical heaters and can't afford to run them with the sky rocketing prices for fuel and electricity.

The installation was a snap and only took me a weekend to complete. My pump handled the run without any problems and with very little loss of water flow from the returns. I appreciate only the help your technicians provided me during the installation phase. I never waited more then 20 seconds for a tech person and he answered all my questions in a friendly professional manner. KUDOS!!

Frank Parisi

Arizona - March 2001

Just wanted to drop you a note regarding my recently filled order for a pool heating system. I finished installing the system yesterday and am quite pleased. I order a lot of products from catalogs and via the internet and, although the items typically end up OK, I rarely get everything I asked for, especially when the item is some form of kit. I do a lot of woodworking, and many of the "put-it-together-yourself" kits lack sufficient fasteners or worse.

I am quite impressed with both the ease of installation of your product and the fact that the kit was so complete. Before opening all the boxes, I made a list of all the pieces and parts (PVC fittings) I thought I would need to buy before starting the install. I was pleasantly surprised that all of them were in the boxes you shipped.

Your instructions for installation are well written and easy to follow. I had no trouble getting everything up and running and after reading them. Overall, your product gets high marks from me.

Mike Jackson

Florida - June 2005

You folks are first class on customer service. The strap arrived yesterday. This is less than 24 hours after my e-mail to you folks, WOW! I wish all companies responded as good as you guys. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company. I am trying to convince my cousin to buy a system from Solar Direct.

Thanks again, John Baust

Florida - April 2005

Thank you for sending your employee Frank to install the solar panels for us. He did a great job. We only wish that the rest of our hurricane damage repairs were done in such a professional manor. Also, thank you for not ripping us off.

Sincerely, Bill and Barbara Zalenski

Florida - February 2005

ou supplied and fitted a pool heat pump for us in March and you may remember us questioning you prior to purchasing as to how efficient it would be at heating the water. Well we have just returned to the UK following a three-week stay at our Florida home and even though the weather got quite cold at times, the heater did a great job and for the first time in January (we have been coming for 15 years) we could enjoy the pool!!! Mind you we have not seen the electric bills yet…….

Many Thanks!
Chris & Elaine Brooke

Florida - February 2005

Just wanted to let you and your company know that my spa cover arrived yesterday and it is beautiful--better than I imagined. Thanks for the lovely workmanship and fine attention to detail. I know I won't need another for quite some time, but I will be passing along your company's name to my friends.

Thank you. Joan Van Glabek

Florida - January 2005

I spoke with you several times over the phone re: a solar panel leak. You sent out a repair/service person by the name of Frank Heddings. I have had 2 visits from him now. I just want you to know that you are very, very fortunate to have such a fine, polite employee working for you. I hope you appreciate his hard work, long hours and certainly add hours on weekends. It was a pleasure to have him complete the repair and service. I hope he is well compensated for his employment with your company.

Thank you, Mary Ann Blaubach
P.S. Frank did not solicit this note or comments.

Florida -
November 2004

Recently I purchased a solar pool heat system, a pool cover and a roller through your internet sales. I installed the system (8 panels on two different roof surfaces) with the help of 3 friends. It took us about 6 hours to complete the installation, assemble the roller, and trim the cover. I had previously downloaded the installation instructions and had studied them thoroughly. The installation was very simple do to the quality of the system, the accuracy of the instructions, and the completeness of the deluxe kit and the split kit.

I checked the water temperature before opening the valve to "turn on" the solar heat system. It was 73 degrees. Exactly one week later, the temperature is now 90 degrees. I thoroughly researched solar pool heat before deciding on your system, and I am very pleased with the results. You can count me as a completely satisfied customer. I have "showed off" my system to all my neighbors with pools, and anticipate helping some of them install your products in the near future.

Mike Lamb

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